Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Currently Filming in Louisiana update December 17, 2008

Cop-Out Pre-Production Baton Rouge

Burning Palms Post Production Baton Rouge info@filmsinmotion.com

Prodigy, Pre-Production New Orleans leslie@independentmediainc.com

Acceptance Filming Shreveport Resumes 318-682-5671

Skateland, Filming Thru December 3, (Wrapped) skatelandproductions@gmail.com

Fight or Flight Filming Lafayette marquisprods@gmail.com

The Expendables, Pre-production, Shreveport LA, New Orleans?

ZombieLand, Pre-Production moved to Atlanta, Resumes by fax 337-706-8971

Treme, Pre-Production, New Orleans Resumes by fax(Hiring crew)410-986-0029

My Own Love Song, Filming New Orleans (Wrapped) myownlovesong08@gmail.com

Welcome to the Rileys, Pre-Production New Orleans (Wrapped)

Alabama Moon, Pre- Production New Orleans Resumes info@faulknerproductions.com

Midnight Bayou, Pre-Production New Orleans Resumes (Wrapped)

Tribute, Pre-Production New Orleans Resumes gary@imagepictures.com

Football Documentary, Pre-Production New Orleans Resumes info@horizonent.tv

Night of the Demons, Pre- ProductionNew Orleans (Wrapped)

House of Bones, Pre-Production Lafayette Resumes by fax 337-706-8971

Bullet Films staff for 2009: Sound Effects Editors Dialog Editors Re-recording mixers Colorists 2D Vfx Artists 3D Vfx Artists Web designers Graphic Artists/Concept Artists Assistant Editors Editors Composers Cinematographers Send Resumes to: jobs@bulletfilms.net

Camp Ranch, Post-Production Baton Rouge

Menage a Trois, Pre-Production New Orleans

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