Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Movies Filming Louisiana for September 15, 2010

Filming Louisiana style: Movies keep rolling into the South and there is no end in sight. Keep up the good work Louisiana crews!
From the Rough, New Orleans,
The Lucky One, New Orleans,
Killer Joe, New Orleans,
The Power of Few, New Orleans,
Battleship, Baton Rouge,
Shark Night, Shreveport,
Columbiana New Orleans,
Tresspass Shreveport,
Cold to the Touch, more soon
Twilight, Baton Rouge
Office Parinormal, Louisiana
Thicker, Louisiana
Book of Life, New Orleans
Dead Serious, New Orleans
The Town that Dreaded Sundown, Baton Rouge
The Blind Bastard Club, New Orleans
The Body Escort, Louisiana
Moments of Life, New Orleans
Storm Bringer, Lafayette, 337.706.8971
The Grief Tourist, New Orleans,
Chasing the Hawk New Orleans
Selma, New Orleans
Imagination Movers Season 3, New Orleans,
The Chaperone, New Orleans,
Billy the Exterminator, Season 3, Shreveport,
The Black Ghost, New Orleans
Ghostbreakers Tv Shreveport, Baton Rouge, New Orleans
Fury, Baton Rouge fax 225-906-0466
The Fields New Orleans,
Brawler New Orleans,
The Big Valley, Baton Rouge,
Shark Night 3D, Shreveport,
Dead Mans Gold, Louisiana
The Boys Club, Folsum Louisiana
The Courier, Baton Rouge
The Leaving, New Orleans
The Americans, Shreveport, Attention James Gerrick
Frightland, Baton Rouge
Pray for Light,
Living with Leroy TV Baton Rouge Sound only
Big Red, New Orleans
Court 13, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Houma LA Murder through the eyes of a child, New
The Coffin,
Scratching the Surface, New Orleans
Unraveled, Baton Rouge
Mysterious Island, Baton Rouge
Transit, Baton Rouge
Silver Cord, Baton Rouge and New Orleans,
Seconds Apart, Hammond
Moma's Little Baby, Louisiana
Swamp Shark, Lafayette,
The 13th Gate, Louisiana
Change of Heart, Shreveport more to come
Victim 34, Baton Rouge
Verdigris, New Orleans
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, New Orleans
I wanna dance, New Orleans
Two Wolves, Baton Rouge
The Gatekeeper, New Orleans,
Kane and Lynch, Louisiana
The Night Can be Measured
Remnants New Orleans
10,000 doors, October in New Orleans
Troll, Baton Rouge
A War Within
Hallow Point, Baton Rouge
Playing with the Enemy, Shreveport
The Work, in Meterie
Without Fear, New Orleans
Difficult Death, New Orleans
The Ledge, Baton Rouge

Educational partners, film industry pros to offer job training workshops

Educational partners, film industry pros to offer job training workshops

SHREVEPORT, LA – A two-part workshop focused on film industry training will begin July 31 at the Robinson Film Center. The first session, called “Introduction to Film Production,” will be taught by movie producer Michael Flannigan and held at the film center. The second session, beginning September 11, is called “Getting Your First Job in the Film Industry.” It will be led by leaders in the Shreveport-Bossier film industry, including Lampton Enochs (producer/unit production manager), Cyndi Brenner (unit production manager) and Seth Hansen (assistant director). This session will be held at Southern University at Shreveport Metro Center.
The workshops are funded by the City of Shreveport and the United Way of Northwest Louisiana in partnership with the film center; the Consortium for Education, Research and Technology of North Louisiana (CERT); Southern University at Shreveport; Louisiana Production Consultants; Millennium Films’ Studio Operations; and CoHabitat Shreveport.

At a press conference at 1:30 p.m. July 9 at the Robinson Film Center, the film industry leaders were joined by Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover to discuss these new training opportunities.
The workshops are designed for people seeking jobs in the movie and TV industry or for those contemplating a transition to film work from their current trade.

“It is with great pride that we can say today that our local and area film production has increased tremendously this year,” Mayor Glover said. “With our new film workshops, there is no question that we will grow even more and with classes taught by renowned local film professionals such as Mick Flannigan, will only boost us up to another level."

“Breaking into the industry is competitive, and it’s important for job-seekers to know how to present themselves to potential employers,” Flannigan said. “In these workshops, we will offer them a detailed overview of what kinds of jobs are available. We will explain how a movie production really works day in and day out. And we will offer insights into what they need to know to be successful.”

About Michael Flannigan
While heading up Nu Image/Millennium Films’ operations in Shreveport, Flannigan produced or executive produced seven movies in the area. Projects included “Cleaner” (2007) starring Samuel L. Jackson, “Mad Money” (2008) starring Katie Holmes, and “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” (2009) starring Michael Douglas. Flannigan was central to developing plans for the Millennium Ledbetter Heights Film Studio, which is currently under construction in Shreveport. Flannigan left Millennium Films in 2008. He currently lives in Shreveport and is leading a film investment fund.

Course offerings
Sessions will take place between 9 a.m. and noon Saturdays. Each multi-week session is open to 40 students. The first session, “Introduction to Film Production,” will take place July 31, August 7, August 14 and August 21 at the Robinson Film Center (617 Texas St.). It will be led by Flannigan. Students will be required to purchase the textbook “The Complete Film Production Handbook” (4th ed.) by Eve Light Honthaner. Cost is approximately $40. There are no additional fees for this course.
Students can register for the first session between July 9 and July 27 by calling (318) 737-1145 or emailing

Students can register for the second session between July 8 and September 2 by calling at SUSLA at (318) 670-6696.

The second session, “Getting Your First Job in the Film Industry,” will take place September 11, September 18 and September 25 at the Southern University at Shreveport Metro Center (610 Texas Street). Course instructors are Lampton Enochs (producer/unit production manager), Cyndi Brenner (unit production manager) and Seth Hansen (assistant director), who are industry professionals living and working in the Shreveport-Bossier City area. They will provide an in-depth look at skills needed to land jobs in or as – the production office, accounting, animal trainers, art department, production design, set decoration, props, sound, special effects, camera, casting, catering/craft services, costume, electric, grip, locations, set medic, post-production, hair and makeup, and more.

Applications for both sessions also can be found at the Robinson Film Center (617 Texas St.), its website (,

room 104 of Southern University at Shreveport’s Metro Center, and CoHabitat Shreveport (610 Commerce Street).

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Alexandyr Kent, RFC’s Director of Education and Community Outreach, at or (318) 459-4123; or Yolanda Gilyard, director of workforce development at SUSLA, at (318) 670-6673