Monday, May 24, 2010

Filming Louisiana for May/ June 2010

The Gates, Shreveport
Mighty Fine, New Orleans
Billy the Exterminator, Season 3, Shreveport
The Black Ghost, New Orleans
Ghostbreakers Tv Shreveport, Baton Rouge, New Orleans
Fury, Baton Rouge fax 225-906-0466
The Fields New Orleans,
Brawler New Orleans,
Lockjaw Baton Rouge,
The Big Valley, Baton Rouge,
LouisianaShark Night 3D, Louisiana
Dead Mans Gold, Louisiana
Green Lantern, New Orleans,
The Boys Club, Folsum Louisiana
Battleship, Baton Rouge
The Courier, Baton Rouge
The Leaving, New Orleans
Shotgun Wedding, New Orleans,
The Americans, Shreveport, Attention James Gerrick
Frightland, Baton Rouge
Flypaper, Baton Rouge
Memphis Beat, New Orleans
First Date Season 4 TV New Orleans
Substance, New OrleansFishies TV New Orleans, Baton Rouge, for sound, animators, and storyboardartist only
Pray for Light,
Living with Leroy TV Baton Rouge Sound only
Criminal Empire for Dummies, New Orleans
Big Red, New Orleans
Revenge of the Bridesmades TV New Orleans
Jeff, Who lives at Home, New Orleans
Court 13, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Houma LA Murder through the eyes of a child, New
The Coffin,
Scratching the Surface, New Orleans
Death House, Baton Rouge
Love Wedding Marriage, New Orleans, (504) 525-2946
Unraveled, Baton Rouge
Red, New Orleans,
Silver Cord, Baton Rouge and New Orleans,
Seconds Apart, HammondMoma's Little Baby, Louisiana
The Sean Peyton Show, New Orleans
Treme, New Orleans,
Swamp Shark, Lafayette,
Jaws of the Mississippi, Lafayette,
The 13th Gate, Louisiana
Change of Heart, Shreveport more to come
Victim 34, Baton Rouge
Verdigris, New Orleans
Blood Out, Baton Rouge, Talent Crew
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, New Orleans
I wanna dance, New Orleans
Two Wolves, Baton Rouge
The Gatekeeper, New Orleans,
Hatchet 2, Louisiana
Kane and Lynch, Louisiana
The Night Can be Measured
Remnants New Orleans
10,000 doors, October in New Orleans
Troll, Baton Rouge
A War Within
Hallow Point, Baton Rouge
Playing with the Enemy, Shreveport
The Work, in Meterie
Leslie, New Orleans
Samuel Bleak, Houma
Without Fear, New Orleans
Difficult Death, New Orleans
Peril, Shreveport
The Ledge, Baton Rouge

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Filming Louisiana Magazine Summer issue Deadline closes in.

If you are familiar with Filming Louisiana Magazine you already know that it is a valuable resource for Production companies to find Louisiana Crew, services, talent and locations. Well, it is about time again for the summer issue to come out and there are advertising opportunities still available.

If you have a profile on the site already you need to log in and make sure you have it up to date because no one can find you if you have old and out dated information on the site. If you need to sign up just go to the site and click register and it tell you step by step what to fill out which only takes a few minutes. It is free so you have nothing to lose if you want to work in Louisiana film.

The Magazine and database goes out to production companies before they get to Louisiana to set up production. If you would like a copy our of last issue to help you make your decision on advertising and to see what our magazine is all about please feel free to email and someone will get one out to you. There is no charge production companies for our magazine and database! The database comes from the website and if you did not sign up for the free listing you will not be in the magazine database.

You can also search the website to find all of our resources and it grows everyday. there are over 3000 resources on the website. Get noticed by production companies and find jobs in Louisiana.
Our next issue will have a great article about about as well as stories about successful companies working in film in our great state.

This is a Louisiana Database and the Filming Louisiana Magazine is printed in Louisiana, keeping all revenue in Louisiana. Just remember, keep it in Louisiana!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hot Movie Productions Filming in Louisiana including Twilight?

This summer another Battle will film in Louisiana but not Battle Los Angeles, this time just Battleship which is in pre-production in Baton Rouge. Also on the horizon for Baton Rouge is Big Valley from the TV show of the same name. Kane and Lynch with Bruce Willis and Jamie Fox, a adaptation from video game to movie is looking to film in Louisiana this summer also. The biggest rumor and now possibly the biggest score for Louisiana this year might be Twilight.

The Advertiser opines that Louisiana as a filming location for Breaking Dawn would be good for both its economy and growing experience as a chosen set.

If the production is indeed moved to Louisiana, it would be one of the biggest coups for the state since it launched several tax incentives in 2002 intended to draw film and television projects to the area. Havens pointed out that Green Lantern and Battleship, both of which are expected to be major summer hits, are either filming or in pre-production in Louisiana. also weighed in on the subject with a bit of interesting information:

The second, more telling, development comes in the form of incorporation papers filed last week with the Louisiana Secretary of State's office by an agent for Summit and establishing a new corporate entity called "TSBD LOUISIANA, L.L.C." -- which would seem to stand for "Twilight: Saga Breaking Dawn."

Another company looking to film in Louisiana is Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova TV show which would come out in 2012 but is just in early development. Drive Angry just wrapped in Shreveport.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crew Call for Low Budget paid gig

WORK ALERT! SHREVEPORT - CREW CALL - A small film is shooting in East Texas (about 45 minutes from Shreveport) mid June. We're looking and open to ALL CREW including:

Costume Designer
Assistant Directors
Production Designer
Prop Master
Sound Mixer, and so on.

This is a paid LOW BUDGET MOVIE. All interested should email

Thank you,

Cassie T. Chappell

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shreveport/Bossier Area film industry improves after lull

Filmmakers work on "Drive Angry" recently on Clyde Fant Memorial Parkway. (Henrietta Wildsmith/The Times)

Northwest Louisiana's film industry appears to be on the upturn following a relatively slow 2009.

Less than halfway through 2010, combined budgets for the Shreveport-Bossier City area's productions are larger than all of last year. That comes out to about $99 million for six television shows and movies this year, according to the Shreveport-Bossier film office, versus $98.2 million for 18 projects in '09.
An increase in the amount of money the state offers companies in the way of rebates is the driving force, experts say.

Industry publications kept the state and area in top five lists for best places to do business, but at one point in 2009, Shreveport had nothing shooting. After steady activity since 2005, when Hurricane Katrina pushed production here from New Orleans, the shortage of productions hurt. Georgia — still considered one of the Bayou State's main competitors — increased its rebate incentive rate to 30 percent in 2008. That drove companies to Atlanta while Louisiana offered companies only 25 percent of the amount of money spent in-state.

Louisiana since has upped its incentive to 30 percent, and Shreveport and Caddo Parish offer smaller add-ons.
"I've been here for five years, and I have been consistently working for five years," said Ryan Glorioso of Shreveport's Glorioso Casting, "but right now it's just extremely busy."

Meeting the bottom line clearly matters. While incentives help, according to Shreveport film director Jeffrey Goodman, a still unrealized cost-cutting opportunity is the availability of local post-production facilities.
That should change this year with the arrival of the long-awaited Nu Image/Millennium Films studio just west of downtown in the Ledbetter Heights neighborhood and Moonbot and Blade studios at the central city Intertech Science Park. "Once those facilities are up and running, I'm not really sure what we're missing," Goodman said. "To me it's just very encouraging to hear about these new infrastructure projects. We've done something right."

The industry's local presence has not affected only directly film-related business.
Cyndi Brenner, unit production manager — the person whose job is to keep a show on budget — for Fox Television Studios' ABC series "The Gates," said her four years here have seen major changes in available temporary living spaces.
Hotels were the main option early on, Brenner said, but now many apartment complexes offer corporate housing, or fully furnished units. Moving into apartments with no furniture or utilities would waste time.
"It would mean us having to go in and baby-sit while the cable guy comes and the electricity gets turned on and all of those things that I don't' have the manpower to do," Brenner said. "But we're willing to pay a certain amount to have it done for us."

Shreveport-Bossier's film office also includes a database of available housing.
The next trickledown effect Brenner hopes for: direct service from Shreveport Regional Airport to Los Angeles.
Shreveport's film commissioner, Arlena Acree, said that since January she's tracked nearly 350 film-related plane trips from here to there. "We definitely are still trying to pursue direct flights to L.A."

While Acree agrees that it's money that brought and has kept the film industry here, there is one perk that seems to have taken a slide. Movie stars used to say the Ark-La-Tex was a respite from the fan and media glare in Hollywood or New York.
But there may need to be etiquette for approaching actors.
"Don't be knocking on their door or making them cookies. Don't put it on Facebook," Acree said. "Actors will be in restaurants or shopping and people come up to them and want to get their picture made. Leave them alone."

What doesn't seem to be a major nuisance for residents, Acree said, is blocking traffic for filming. In recent weeks production has closed sections of major north-south artery Clyde Fant Memorial Parkway.
Last year, the northernmost on-ramp to Interstate 49 was closed for weeks. The city doesn't track its closures, but Acree recalled receiving only one complaint about I-49. "Most of them are maybe a half day or certain hours a day," Acree said. "It doesn't make it that bad."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NOVAC Needs your Help with OIL SPILL CLEAN-UP

New Orleans Video Access Center and the Barataria-Terrebonne Estuary needs your help. If you live in Louisiana or anywhere along the Gulf Coast you will understand the real need for donations to help clean up oil spill that is hitting the Gulf Coast. If you would like to help out please see the list below.

Blue Dawn dishwashing detergent
Absorbent linens (like towels and soft cloth)
Saline Solution
Nylon Pantyhose
Bug spray
Safety glasses (clear and dark)
Chicken boots
E-tech gloves
Safety utility knives
Dip nets (small mesh)
Pool cleaning nets
Mosquito head nets
Duct tape
Work vests

DATE: Wednesday, May 5- Friday, May 14, 2010

TIME: Monday through Friday, 10 am - 4:30 pm

LOCATION: 532 Louisa Street, New Orleans, LA 70117

Donations will be delivered to the Barataria-Terrebonne Estuary Volunteer Program

If you have questions, you can reach us at 504.940.5780