Sunday, May 23, 2010

Filming Louisiana Magazine Summer issue Deadline closes in.

If you are familiar with Filming Louisiana Magazine you already know that it is a valuable resource for Production companies to find Louisiana Crew, services, talent and locations. Well, it is about time again for the summer issue to come out and there are advertising opportunities still available.

If you have a profile on the site already you need to log in and make sure you have it up to date because no one can find you if you have old and out dated information on the site. If you need to sign up just go to the site and click register and it tell you step by step what to fill out which only takes a few minutes. It is free so you have nothing to lose if you want to work in Louisiana film.

The Magazine and database goes out to production companies before they get to Louisiana to set up production. If you would like a copy our of last issue to help you make your decision on advertising and to see what our magazine is all about please feel free to email and someone will get one out to you. There is no charge production companies for our magazine and database! The database comes from the website and if you did not sign up for the free listing you will not be in the magazine database.

You can also search the website to find all of our resources and it grows everyday. there are over 3000 resources on the website. Get noticed by production companies and find jobs in Louisiana.
Our next issue will have a great article about about as well as stories about successful companies working in film in our great state.

This is a Louisiana Database and the Filming Louisiana Magazine is printed in Louisiana, keeping all revenue in Louisiana. Just remember, keep it in Louisiana!

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