Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Latest Ramblings of more filming in Louisiana!

As many movies come flowing into Louisiana some blockbuster movies are taking up residents in different cities throughout the State of Louisiana. Green Lantern staring Ryan Reynolds has taken over parts of New Orleans and plenty of crew. They will be in the State for around 6 months working on the film. Baton Rouge has Blood Out staring Val Kilmer is kicking off soon as well. Drive Angry with Nicolas Cage is in Shreveport for it's 3rd. week of filming and is expected to be there for two months. The gates series for Fox Television is filming an ABC series in Shreveport and will be there for over 6 months with 13 episodes, Treme in New Orleans will be back again as well as Billy the Exterminator in Shreveport.

With a lot of production crews working there are still plenty of Louisiana production crew members not working; the reason? Many productions are bringing in their own crew all the way down to PA's from out of state which leaves local crew wondering why there are all of these productions in the state and they are sitting at home waiting for a phone call. It does not make a lot of sense for production companies to do so when they have to pay for housing, per diem, food and everything else associated with outside crews. If production companies would hire in state they would receive an additional 5% for hiring local and they do not have to pay for housing and such. Another reason, many production companies get here and say "I did not know that there was a large base of local crew" because they did not do their homework about what is available.

With over 50 productions in the state or planing to film in the state this year, production companies do need to realize that there are thousands of crew members in the state and training programs churning out new certified crew everyday. Production companies can find every kind of service in the state as well as specialized prop makers, special f/x artist, product placement companies just to name a few. If production companies need crew Louisiana has got them and plenty of them. Crew from other states are taking up permanent residents in Louisiana because of the steady work.

If people want to question if the Movie tax incentives have helped the state out just take a drive down Louisiana roads and check out productions in every corner of the state with no end in site. Louisiana is truly the state to film your production in outside of the traditional boarders of old Hollywood. Here are the latest movies ramblings of Louisiana productions.

The Gatekeeper, New Orleans
The Big Valley, Louisiana
Dead Mans Gold, Louisiana
The boys Club, Folsom Louisiana
Samuel Bleak, Thibodaux Louisiana
Asleep at the Wheel, New Orleans
Unraveled, Baton Rouge
The Work, Metairie Louisiana
Substance, New Orleans
The Leaving, New Orleans
Difficult Death, Louisiana

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