Thursday, March 11, 2010

Filming Louisiana Magazine First issue has gone out to Production Companies!

Much work went into the making of Filming Louisiana Magazine which features the array of Louisiana crew, services, locations and talent. It was made primarily as a database for crew for the State of Louisiana but along with the database there are some great articles about what is going on in Louisiana Film. "The production resource primarily is for industry professionals, not for everyday people but people in the film industry."

There are over 2200 qualified professionals listed in magazine which will help productions find local talent and in turn will keep the jobs in Louisiana. We want production companies to realize that Louisiana has a great talent pool and they don't need to bring crews from out of state to work here.

Filming Louisiana also has a online database which companies can find crews via the internet at .

Louisiana residents who have not signed up for the FilmingLouisiana database can still sign up for the database at and they too can have a free ad in the Summer issue. The deadline for signing up is June 1, 2010 so don't wait or you won't be listed.

The cover story is about Blayne Weaver and Brandon Barrera and their latest movie, 6 Month Rule, filmed in Shreveport with post production in New Orleans. Two Childhood friends who grew up in Shreveport/Bossier City who have come back home for their first film in Shreveport. Blayne and Brandon are known for their first short, Losing Lois Lane and features, Outside Sales, Weather Girl, and The FP which is in post production as well as 6 month Rule.

Christopher Moore

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