Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blade Studios Opening Soon for Business in Shreveport!

Blade Studios is in the construction phase and will be opening for business in early fall 2010. Brady Blade Jr. World renown touring drummer and studio musician has come back to his hometown to head up the studio. He has partnered with Scott Crompton, producer, expert Louisiana tax incentives,media developer to form the core of the company.

Brady Blade has toured with Dave Mathew's, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Jewel just to name a few. He has produced Solomon Burke, Bridget DeMyer and many others. The studio has been designed by World Renown Studio Designer, Russ Berger who has over 2500 studio designs to his credit. The studio will feature includes (2) state-of-the-art large volume studios. Each studio's wonderfully crafted world-class ambient spaces provide the very best sonic quality. The client areas including lounges, kitchens, private restrooms and shower, private office suites, conference rooms, workstations and even a dark room, are designed to be inspiring and create the highest level of comfort. Each studio is wired for video and video editing services are available to be used for "making of..."
or web based promotions during and after the production.

In addition to the studio services will include is a full service production company which will maximize the Louisiana cash rebate incentive to clients. The staff will be your concierge. They will assemble every detail of the production including, travel, lodging, transportation and payroll, so that clients can focus exclusively on their project.

Through the Louisiana program, BLADE Studios will provide a CASH REBATE on the following items:
Air reservations (commercial & private charter)
Rental car/limo service
Lodging (hotel/private home)
Food preparation (restaurant/private chef)
Studio rental
Producer/engineer services
Equipment rental
Post-production services
Accounting services

Through the Louisiana Entertainment Incentive Program, Louisiana sound recording projects can earn a 25% cash rebate on money spent in Louisiana to complete the recording project. Rebates are available on a number of services. Film audio recording projects earn a 35% cash rebate.

These refundable tax credits are based on total in-state expenditures related to the production of a sound recording.

A refundable tax credit is similar to a direct rebate: the total amount of tax credits earned is paid by the state as a rebate to qualifying participants.

The project must spend at least $15,000 in Louisiana within a 12 month period and provide advance notice of intent to apply for the Sound Recording incentive.

BLADE Studios
2031 Kings Highway
Shreveport, Louisiana 71103 USA
Phone: 318.213.0777

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