Thursday, June 25, 2009

HB898 passes, now to the Governors desk.

HB898 has just passed the with 30% production incentive, 5% LA labor incentive and a buyback from the State at $.85 for the tax incentives. There is also no sunset provision that will keep our productions from decreasing. It now only has to be signed by the Governor or if he does not sign it, it will still go into effect two weeks afterwords anyway. There is no reason the Governor will not sign this bill. In turn the Louisiana movie industry could dramatically increase productions throughout the state. Four movies are looking to film in Shreveport in the coming months. New Orleans has quite a few productions coming South. This will certainly help out all of the crew base that stayed in Louisiana during hard times. Thanks to all who went to Baton Rouge to show support and to all who emailed and called the Legislators and Senators. Your hard work is why we are where we are now. Let's make Louisiana the number 1 state for productions outside of Hollywood.


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