Monday, January 24, 2011

Filming Louisiana production info for January 2011

These are the films that in pre-production in the State of Louisiana.

Ghostbreakers, Shreveport, New Orleans,
So Undercover, New Orleans
The Fishies, New Orleans
Treme, NewOrleans,
Mean Cusine, Shreveport
Medallin, New Orleans,
21 Jump Street, New Orleans
Memphis Beat, New Orleans,
Bad Girls Club Season 7, New Orleans
Cogan's Trade, New Orleans,
Looper, New Orleans,
Contraband, New Orleans,
Hound Dogs, New Orleans
7 Below Zero, New Orleans,
D&D 3, Baton Rouge,
Piranha 2, New Orleans
So Undercover, New Orleans,
The Haunting in Georgia, Baton Rouge
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, New Orleans,
Kane and Lynch, Aka Playing the Field, Shreveport,
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, New Orleans
Downers Grave, Louisiana
Thicker, Louisiana
Tarantula, New Orleans
72 Hours, New Orleans
Meeting Evil, New Orleans
Silver Cord, New Orleans
Rook, Shreveport
Asleep at the Wheel, New Orleans
Room and Board, New Orleans
The Summoning, Baton Rouge
The Town that Dreaded Sundown 3D, Baton Rouge
Unraveled, Baton Rouge
Office Paranormal, Louisiana
Playing with the Enemy, Shreveport
The Boys Club, Folsom
Substance, New Orleans
Verdigris, New Orleans
Six Little Indians, Baton Rouge
Carmilla: The Homecoming, Baton Rouge
Moments of Life, New Orleans
The Body Escort, Louisiana

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