Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Films are coming to Louisiana!

Rumors are a buzz but many of these productions are here with offices in the state so soon there will be some contact information for these productions. Louisiana seems to have a slew of productions coming to the state. The biggest rumor, and it still is just a rumor, is that Pirates of the Caribbean 4 might show it's head in Louisiana this year. Drive Angry with Nicolas Cage is going to Shreveport in January which will be filmed in 3D. Green Lantern with Ryan Renyolds is in Pre-Production in New Orleans and will be filming soon. Red with Bruce Willis as well as Kane and Lynch, also with Bruce Willis, will be in New Orleans in early 2010. Having said that, here are some more listings that I have searched the internet and found to either be coming to Louisiana or thinking about coming to Louisiana. You never know until they set up offices which ones of these will actually film in Louisiana.

Here is a compiled list:

Green Lantern, January in New Orleans with Ryan Renyolds
Red in January, New Orleans, Bruce Willis
Kane and Lynch, Bruce Willis, spring
Drive Angry with Nicolas Cage in Shreveport in January
First love, Then Marriage, New Orleans with Jessica Alba
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, with Jessica biel, New Orleans
I wanna dance ,New Orleans with Paula Abdul
The Gatekeeper New Orleans February, with Ron Pearlman
Hatchet 2 either New Orleans or Shreveport,
Remnants New Orleans
10,000 doors October in New Orleans
The Coffin August
The Six Month Rule, Shreveport, February
Scratching the Surface, New Orleans in march
Troll Baton Rouge
Pray for Light January 2010
A War Within
Hallow Point Baton Rouge
Playing with the Enemy Shreveport in March
Brightland Baton Rouge March
The Work in Meterie La
Leslie New Orleans
Samuel Bleak Houma LA May
Without Fear New Orleans
Difficult Death New Orleans

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