Thursday, March 14, 2013

Universal could be filming ‘Jurassic Park 4’ in Louisiana.

Universal could be filming ‘Jurassic Park 4’ in Louisiana

By Daniel S Levine,
If Universal seriously wants to get Jurassic Park 4 in theaters in summer 2014, the studio has to get moving. While there’s still no director, there are rumors that the studio plans to film it in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. reported on Tuesday that the director of studio operations at Raleigh Studios in Baton Rouge, Patrick Mulhearn, says that Universal has booked a space from April to November. Raleigh Studios is the same one used for Tom Cruise’s latest action film, Oblivion. Universal also used it for Battleship.
“We have a great relationship with NBC/Uni and really appreciate that they trusted us with both Battleship and Oblivion in the past,” Mulhearn told NOLA. “And we are glad they are considering bringing more production work to Baton Rouge in the near future, whatever that may be. But nothing is confirmed at this point, and I guess you never really know until the office opens and they start building sets.”
The site also noted that Universal filed paperwork in Louisiana to change the name of ‘Cirque Investments LLC’ (which was the name for the 2009 project Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant) to ‘Ebb Tide Films,’ which could be a code name for JP4.
NBC Universal didn’t have any comment for the story, but it does sound like Universal is planning on shooting something big in the area.
JP4 is in the very early stages for a film that’s supposed to come out on June 13, 2014. According to Slash Film, producer Frank Marshall recently tweeted that there has still been no decision “made regarding where we are shooting.”
Meanwhile, JP fans can enjoy the 3D-release of the original film next month.

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