Saturday, December 31, 2011

FilmingLouisiana Films for January 2012

 2011 was a great year with over 100 films being produced in Louisiana earning it the top spot to film in America.  2012 will be no different.  With a 100 million dollar Tom Cruise movie coming as well as Tom Hanks, and Tarentino films in the works, 2012 will be huge year for Louisiana with no end in sight.  Congratulations Louisiana on making Film Production in Louisiana the best in America.
Christopher Moore

Gettaway Baton Rouge.
Cutter, Baton Rouge.
Django Unchained, New Orleans. or
Ender's Game New Orleans.
The Host Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  or fax resumes to 225.952.9030.
Now You See Me  New Orleans.
MaerskAlabama (A CAPTAIN’S DUTY)  New Orleans.
Rugaru New Roads, Greensburg, and Maurepas.
Synergy Baton Rouge and New Orleans.
Horizons Baton Rouge and New Orleans.
Breakout Kings (SEASON 2)  Baton Rouge.
Broken City  New Orleans.
Common Law CBS New Orleans. or fax resumes to 504.731.3588. 
Dog Fight (AKA SOUTHERN RIVALS) New Orleans.
The Iceman  Shreveport.
King Dog  Baton Rouge
Schism  New Orleans.
Snitch Shreveport.
Treme (SEASON 3) HBO’s television series Treme (Season 3)  New Orleans. .
Zomie Plantation  St. Amant/Gonzales
Kane & Lynch Louisiana

Pitch Baton Rouge,
Thicker Lousisiana
Hemlock Drive Louisiana
Tarantula New Orleans
Silver Cord Louisiana
The Summoning Baton Rouge
Asleep at the Wheel New Orleans
Hysteria Louisiana
Room and Board New Orleans
72 Hours New Orleans
I Walked with a Zombie New Orleans
Unraveled Baton Rouge
Playing with the Enemy Shreveport
The Boys Club Folsum
Some Stars Fall New Orleans
Dead Serious New Orleans
Verdigris New Orleans
Moments of Life New Orleans

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