Sunday, February 20, 2011

Help Keep Louisiana Filming.

Louisiana Entertainment "Has your business picked up because of the local entertainment industry? From hardware stores to laundry services to restaurants - We want to hear your stories!!!"


I also say we need to do same thing share and prove ourselves in dollars and cents: What has the movie industry done for us as individuals, allies, and businesses in dollars? in order to prove that the movie industry has massive long lasting ripple effects and that it is good for our state. The Legislators, The Budget/Administration, and Governor need to know this, and we need to do this in order to prepare us to contact our State Representatives and Governor with a personal note with your own testimony from we their Constituents.

Therefore I am setting our May (or Extra Special meeting if have to depending on Session) meeting within two months which will be a Night of Testimonies "What Has the Movie Industry Done for You in Dollars and Cents?", which I like to do in form of a Show, Talk Show, and/or a Townhall style. I invite anyone and everyone with a camera to come and film and take notes.

I target the what it is done for you indivdiually and your family and to get your friends and businesses to do the same, then eventually get the Parishes and Communities to do same. Individual Testimony.

I will invite the Leaders, Organizers, Press and Players by to collect, render and view our/their Testimonies. This goes for Producers, Crew, Actors, Standin, Extras, Music, and Allies: Locations Property and Real Estate, Cleaners, Stores, Party Stores, Grocery Stores, Hotels, Beds & Breakfasts, Houses, Offices, Governments, Boat Companies, Restaurants, Chambers, Magazines, Advertisers, Automobile Dealers, Warehouses, Schools, Community College, Acting Coaches, Classes, Beauty Parlors and Barbers, Vintage Stores, Associations, unions, Clubs, etc. I ask you and to ask all those you know to in any business or individuals involved in movies to come and share your testimony.

We also need to prepare a Thesis like document to feed and invite people to also video/film their testimonies to upload to site or link on YouTube, etc. and render such in form a show along with. In order to prepare-just in case we have to-BE PREPARED to go to Baton Rouge, I plan to deliver in May/June and eventually may have to present to the Constituents, Lobbyists, Legislators, and Governor.

We need to centralize all Replies and Testimonies in one place, so I ask everyone to either post their testimonies here on our Message Board and/or on the new Facebook Site we created, and to do video's and post on YouTube, etc. and apply and share hotlink to such.!/LaFilmIndustry

I also suggest to students as a good topic for a doctoral dissertation or masters thesis in finance, budget, government, political science, and history.

We also need to inventory any and all schools that offer classes regarding film industry in front and behind the camera, such as NIMS, BPCC, the community colleges, privates, proprieties, etc. as we need to collect and share their testimony so we can stand and support them and thus expand our careers and industry.

Questions, please reply here, on the site, or contact me at or 225-235-7879 .


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