Sunday, July 25, 2010

Battle Los Angeles; Maybe Battle Louisiana?

The citizens of Los Angeles, Calif. are about to go to war against the aliens that have invaded their great city in the new film 'Battle: Los Angeles,' and ET's with the actors of the film's Marine platoon as they spill some set secrets.

Aaron Eckhart revealed to ET at the 2010 Comic Con event that though the movie is set in L.A., it was actually filmed in Louisiana. "We filmed it in Louisiana in the middle of summer. It was quite a physical and mental experience. ... L.A., Louisiana," he says of filming the movie in the South.

Aaron described the film: "It's an alien invasion movie meets a war movie. Aliens, for some reason, have come out of the Santa Monica bay to come take over Los Angeles. It's a global invasion and the first strike is in Los Angeles. ... We're a platoon of Marines that goes in and takes care of business."

Michelle Rodriguez refers to her costar Eckhart as "one awesome cat." However, Michelle didn't seem too confident that he'd be able to battle aliens in real life. "He's so sweet!"

Eckhart plays the leader of the platoon but told ET that he doesn't think that he'd be able to fend off aliens in real life. "I'm not sure if we could take on aliens. We could take on Canadians," he said jokingly.

'Battle: Los Angeles' hits theaters March, 2011.

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