Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Filming Louisiana June 16, 2010

The Gates, Shreveport
Cold to the Touch, more soon.
Catch 44, Shreveport,
The Power of Few, New Orleans more soon.
Selma, New Orleans
Imagination Movers Season 3, New Orleans,
The Chaperone, New Orleans,
Mighty Fine, New Orleans
Billy the Exterminator, Season 3, Shreveport,
The Black Ghost, New Orleans
Ghostbreakers Tv Shreveport, Baton Rouge, New Orleans
Fury, Baton Rouge fax 225-906-0466
The Fields New Orleans,
Brawler New Orleans,
Lockjaw Baton Rouge,
The Big Valley, Baton Rouge,
LouisianaShark Night 3D, Louisiana
Dead Mans Gold, Louisiana
The Boys Club, Folsum Louisiana
Battleship, Baton Rouge
The Courier, Baton Rouge
The Leaving, New Orleans
The Americans, Shreveport, Attention James Gerrick
Frightland, Baton Rouge
Flypaper, Baton Rouge
Memphis Beat, New Orleans
Substance, New OrleansFishies TV New Orleans, Baton Rouge, for sound, animators, and storyboardartist only
Pray for Light,
Living with Leroy TV Baton Rouge Sound only
Criminal Empire for Dummies, New Orleans
Big Red, New Orleans
Jeff, Who lives at Home, New Orleans
Court 13, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Houma LA Murder through the eyes of a child, New
The Coffin,
Scratching the Surface, New Orleans
Death House, Baton Rouge
Unraveled, Baton Rouge
Red, New Orleans,
Silver Cord, Baton Rouge and New Orleans,
Seconds Apart, HammondMoma's Little Baby, Louisiana
Swamp Shark, Lafayette,
Jaws of the Mississippi, Lafayette,
The 13th Gate, Louisiana
Change of Heart, Shreveport more to come
Victim 34, Baton Rouge
Verdigris, New Orleans
Blood Out, Baton Rouge, Talent Crew
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, New Orleans
I wanna dance, New Orleans
Two Wolves, Baton Rouge
The Gatekeeper, New Orleans,
Kane and Lynch, Louisiana
The Night Can be Measured
Remnants New Orleans
10,000 doors, October in New Orleans
Troll, Baton Rouge
A War Within
Hallow Point, Baton Rouge
Playing with the Enemy, Shreveport
The Work, in Meterie
Leslie, New Orleans
Samuel Bleak, Houma
Without Fear, New Orleans
Difficult Death, New Orleans
Peril, Shreveport
The Ledge, Baton Rouge


Steven Vollenweider said...

Can you find out for me WHERE they are filming Flypaper? The report says "the industrial corridor along Choctaw drive" but that's an insanely huge area. Any chance you can get an exact location for me? :)

Christopher Moore said...

I can check into it

Christopher Moore said...

They are filming in Baton Rouge and if you want to know exactly where you can email me.