Monday, December 7, 2009

Filming Louisiana Magazine and Website

This year has been a good year for Films in Louisiana. Though the long drawn out process of changing the tax incentives from the dreaded sunset of 2010 to no scale downs and no sunset, set into motion the most impressive incentives in the country. Now Louisiana is the most competitve in the United States and it shows. For the last half of the year movies scrambled to get into the state to take advantage of the new 30% incentive. Two Areas went a bit further with additional incentives locally. Jefferson Parish has an additional incentive on top of the state as well as Shreveport and Caddo Parish which offers the most generous in the State of Louisiana.

With all the incentives and the fact that our crew base and film industry services have grown this year again offers crew, talent, services and locations to list themselves for free for industry professionals. With over 3000 services and crew listed it has become a great resource for the State of Louisiana. If you are working in the industry you should be listed. If you have not listed yourself please feel free to do so. Just go to and click register, it is that simple.

We do have a deadline coming up for the listing in our FilmingLouisiana Magazine and resource database. If you are not listed by December 20, 2009 you will not be in our first issue. Everyone who has signed up for the site will be listed for free and we do offer additional advertising for those who would like to stand out. Our rates are affordable and we want to keep it that way.

Please check out our website and also check out our advertising rates if you wish to advertise in our magazine. We are a Louisiana based company and we will keep it here. Our magazine will be printed in Louisiana and I personally work in Louisiana film myself. I am a prop maker and set builder so I understand what is going on in the industry and I personally want to keep films in Louisiana. This is a passion of mine and I want keep the Louisiana film industry thriving in our great state.

Please check out our site and watch out for our FilmingLouisiana Magazine coming out in early 2010.

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