Thursday, October 22, 2009

Filming: 2009 Early 2010 in Louisiana. Updated Novmber 19, 2009

This is what is in Pre Production or Filming in Louisiana during the last months of the year. More to come for the New Year.

Mirrors 2 Filming Baton Rouge more to come
Green Lantern Pre Production New Orleans
Delta Blues Pre Production New Orleans, more to come
Fight or Flight Pre Production Lafayette
Shotgun Wedding Pre Production
Earthbound Pre Production New Orleans 504-734-3793
The Americans Pre Production Shreveport
Treme Filming in New Orleans
Mortician Filming in New Orleans
Falling in love Filming in New Orleans
Swamp Shark aka Jaws of the Mississippi filming in Lafayette
The Hungry Rabbit Jumps Filming in New Orleans
Medusa Pre Production in Lafayette
Brothers keeper Filming in New Orleans
Battle Los Angeles Filming Baton Rouge
Secretariat Filming Lafayette
Monster Wolf Filming
The Big Show Project/Knucklehead Filming New Orleans
Ticking Clock Filming
Unearthed Shreveport (Wrapped)
The Mechanic Pre Production New Orleans
Video Girl Filming in Baton Rouge
Ultimate MMA Fitness Filming in Baton Rouge
Underground Comedy Champs Filming in Baton Rouge
Clunkers Filming in Baton Rouge
Pregnancy Pack Filming in New Orleans
Beat the Course Filming Baton Rouge
Chesterfield Pre Production New Orleans
Flag of my Father Pre Production Monroe
Julia X Filming Shreveport
Keep It Together more to come
Super is in Pre Production Shreveport more to come
Drive Angry Pre Production in Shreveport more to come

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